Find The Best Headphones

In today’s modern era, it will be very difficult to determine which headphones are best for our choice. Stock markets have been overwhelmed by headphones from various brands and companies. In addition, to enliven the market, headphone choices are made more diverse with various exciting future from all sides. Not to mention the futures that variances, the price offered varies making it more difficult for us to make choices. Grado and Sony headphones are the 2 most commonly chosen options as the best headphones on the market today. It’s just that the level of comfort, quality and personal preferences play in the selection of the user.

The headphone type is divided into 3 styles, the old fashioned ear-cupping style, the in-ear bud type and the ear hanging type which has speaker inset. Each style also determines market price variations. Have you heard of Shure headphones? One brand of headphones that has legitimized itself to a more modern stage with a fashionable minimalist shape as well as with a size option that customizes the user’s convenience. Size can be specified in accordance with the location of comfort with a soft arm and position that fits on your ear canal. Of course not excessive if these headphones are referred to as headphones with professional level.

The next list is Headphone with the name SR60 of the Grado brand. Although the shape of the old fashion but offers comfort with a maximum volume and sale with a cheaper price makes SR60 Grado got its own place in the hearts of the users of Headphones. Following on with Sennheiser HD280, which can be folded to small and does not take up much space in your pocket or purse. Bid minimalist form with clear voice and smooth volume allowing you to hear better when using it. For price, HD280 still classified headphones with the ideal price.

The next option falls on Ultimate Ears 3. With the quality of ipod. mixing of audio and sound insulation for delivering the sound. Makes us not to be disturbed by the noise. Next comes the K701 of the AKG brand, which also offers the best specifications and headphone performance in maintaining sound quality when we at outdoors. Both headphones are suitable for travelers who want a clear voice while driving, doing a journey or just walking. More fashionable models and striking colors make our eyes will be on both of them. For the price, these two headphones are also affordable. We will never regret to try both.

The last list is Bose Quiet Comfort 2 from Sonik brand. Who is not know about this bran, Specializing world-class headphones. The sound that can not be cast in doubt and smoothness, supported by a bass device that does not disappoint, high-end reference that allows you will directly fall in love when first heard of using it. With the best quality on offer sonic, this headphone sale with the price of course not cheaper. compared to the headphones we have reviewed above, Bose Quiet Comfor 2 has a more expensive price. It’s just that we also understand that buying sonic-class headphones is an investment that will not be wasted for us.