Headphone Guide – Understanding Different Designs and Ropes

In this article, we will discuss the information for guides how to choose suitable headphones for us. It should be first to understand in advance that there are 2 basic things on headphones. First, air pressure has a big role in channeling sounds to our hearing. Second, the headphone design is open and closed.

Open design – For headphones with open design, in a crowded place, we need to elevate the volume to achieve maximum hearing. Sound from outside will also influence the sound of the headphones. However, the situation will be reversed when we are in a quiet place. The sound of our headphones will also be heard by others who are with us. And this is of course very disturbing.

Closed design – For headphones with a closed design, make our own comfort. The sound of headphones will not leak out and we will not be destruct by the other sounds. Only, of course this design also has deficiency. The bass will be very problematic if we change the option from default to bass option.


Earbuds – On sale in free markets, we can find commonly owned by everyone. This headphones are light and not complicated and easy to carry make earbuds is the first choice of headphone users. Unfortunately, never expect a clear sound or maximal performance from the Earbuds.

Earcup / On-Ear – portable headphones that have one level advanced above the earbuds. On the free sale in the markets with low prices allows users more choosing this type of headphone between earbuds. It’s just that the lack will still exist in the channeling of sound from headphones to our ears.

Supra Aural – medium-sized headphones with a complete close-up design. Enables sound to be well-carried to the ear. with a holder flanking the head circle, for more maximum voice delivery. The minus from this headphone, although the design is closed but the sound that is carried in will be heard out.

Aural Circum – headphones with heavier class from supra aural. Designed with the comfort of a closed bearing on the ear canal, enables voice delivery to be achieved well. Although in some designs, there are outside sounds that will go into the ear, but it is not a big problem for this type of headphone. the quality on offer, of course, in accordance with the price. This headphone sale with prices range of $ 25 – 1000. It is not a big deal with what we will have in our ear when using it.

Canalphones or In-Ear-Monitors (IEM) – strives to innovate by combining the Earbud’s fashion and the maximal results of the aural circum. These headphones go into the ear for isolating the sound.


Shape – we are commonly know about cable strands with “Y” or “J” letters. both patterns can be encountered on the type of headphones such as Earbud and canvas canals. This is what makes Earbud are popular choice. Disadvantages of this form are in thin loops of wires. This is what causes the isolation of sound to the ear canal is not maximal.

Balanced and unbalanced cable setups – you also find headphones that have 2 plugs. This is because both sides of the headphones have their respective cables that are not joined together as in the “Y” or “J” patterns. The plus point on the maximum result of voice delivery. However, of course this makes some users feel hassle when using 2 plugs at once.

OFC and 7N cables – the closely perfect headphones of voice delivery without distortion are headphones that have oxygen-free copper wires. OFC makes headphone cables close to that, although no one can claim to have a cable with full oxygen-free. Again, this is solely for removal of distortion during the delivery of sound to the ear canal.

Gold-Tipped Plug – some brands launch headphone type with have gold plated adapter. In addition to the price of headphones that will be sold more expensive. Before you buy it, please be aware that the cable with the gold layer is not a good sound carrier. The adapter with gold material introduced in the market because gold does not cause corrosion like copper and can deliver a clean signal. So do not ever want to be cheated by brand that claims all the wire have gold plated.

Hopefully the guide above can help you to understanding and choosing the appropriate headphones with your criteria. Remember, it is all depends on the convenience of users.