Selecting and Repairing of Headphones

At this time, we will discuss 3 main types of wireless headphones. Hopefully this session can help you determining the best choice for headphones that you will use.

Design Bud – with good quality off-street ambience. In support with design and good sound quality makes this type of headphone has its own value in the eyes of the headphone lover. The more expensive the price is on offer, the better level of resolution from the outside. The main feature of this design is the fashionable minimalist with better bass delivery than the other types.

Closed Cup Design – Closed design makes the sound that is carried far better than other types. Sealed earplugs make outside sounds dispelled by themselves. People around us will not be able to hear what we’re hearing when we’re using these headphones. but, it is not recommended for long-term use. In addition to making side effects on the ear because voice trapped in the ear, these headphones also produce replica bass sound better. At a certain volume, the outside sound is even completely obliterated by the sounds that are carried by these headphones.

Headphones open – if expecting outside sounds to be overheard by headphones with this type, then be prepared to be disappointed. In the design with the open type to make outside sounds can go in between the voice of delivery that is produced when using the headphone. It’s very annoying. Even if the volume has been elevated, it is useless, it can also affect your eardrum. sounds that are transmitted by these types of headphones can be leaked out so it can just interfere with people who are sitting around us.

Wireless headphones

The advantages of wireless headphones as the name implies a shortage of cables. Cable can be minimized on this type. not only that, there will be problems related to the quality of the signal and the sound produced by it.

Fix Headphones

In most cases, we can not fix broken headphones. Indeed there are types of easy cases so that the headphones can be saved. Some of the steps below can help you easily fix your headphones.

Checking the whole cable – if your headphones are headphones with the type using a cable, then one way is to check the whole cable. If there is a cable that is not covered properly by the cover, we can use black resistivity tape.

If your headphones are a type of wireless headphones. Please synchronize again with your device in accordance with the instructions manual. Due to headphones with this type will experience a decrease in performance when not in use with vulnerable a long time.

Check the headphone connector carefully. Check the jack cable that is on your headphone. Make sure you are replace it if it is not working properly. Look for the right jack cable with the previous use, use the solder audio cable to socket on new socket with headphone cable. Use the electrical tape to properly terminate and cover the headphone.

Remember, always put the comfort of using headphones for yourself.